Monday, November 26, 2012

More Halloween!

Oops!  Just found some more Halloween pictures that were taken at Brody's classroom Halloween party, as well as our group Trick or Treating in College Place.  Enjoy!  :)

Hospital Trip

In October, Brody came home from Grandma's house screaming in pain.  He said his stomach hurt, and he was running a low fever.  I tried tylenol and Tums, but to no avail.  He continued to scream, until I finally laid him down in the back seat of the car (he said it hurt to wear a seatbelt), and drove him to the hospital.  He was checked out, and a urine sample was taken.  The doctor came to the conclusion that Brody had passed a kidney stone.  Poor baby!  After some pain weds, he was feeling much better.  5 hours later, we were sent home. 

I'm a mean old witch with a hat...

...and I fly on my broom with my cat!

Cute little Peyton at her Joy School Halloween celebration!

Cool Jammies!

Grammy bought the kids new Jammies for Halloween.  I was only able to catch Brody in his jammies for a picture.  Isn't he cute though??

Squashed Treats!

Last month, Angie and I went to lunch in Fayetteville. We went to AQ Chicken House, which was Angie's first experience with true, Arkansas Quality chicken...AND her first time having fried pickles. We left feeling greasy and gross from all the fried food, but it was a strangely good feeling. I snuck the bill and paid for lunch, and so Angie felt like buying treats for my family. We went across the street to Rick's Bakery, and watched the cakes being decorated. Afterwords, we went to the treat case and drooled over all the different kind of yummy desserts! We picked out treats for each member of our families...and Angie threw in a bag of doggy treats for Benson. When we got home though, our treats were all squashed from the car ride. They were still yummy though!


Happy Girl

When we went to see Elizabeth Smart speak, Emily C. was home alone.  She called her mom and told her that her bird, Frodo, was dead in his cage.  She was so sad and unsure of what to do with the little guy.  Her dad and sister were working that night, so Nick went and got Emily, and put Frodo in a shoebox, to be buried later when the family was together.  Nick and the kids, along with Tashya, took Emily to Chik-Fil-A for dinner and dessert, and let her hang out until Katie got home to keep Emily company.  The next day, I took Emily and Katie these cute bear bags from Circle of Life, to try to cheer them up. Emily loved her bear!

Isn't she a beautiful girl?  I just love her!

Blast from the Past...Halloween

This year for Halloween, Peyton was Little Red Riding Hood; Brody was Mario; and Beckett was Dumbo.  I wanted so badly for Brody to be Mitt Romney...but he didn't think that was an exciting enough costume.

We started our Halloween festivities out on Saturday night, at a Trunk or Treat at Rick and Peggy Lowden's house in Pea Ridge.  The kids had a blast going on Hay Rides, sitting by the bon fire, and trunk or treating.  We won the trunk decorating contest by default.  I guess when you are the only ones who decorate your trunk, you automatically win the prize (or in this case, an awesome certificate).

Halloween night we went with some of the kids from the ward around College Place.  The Bingham's house was our home base, and we made it through all of College Place before heading to Grandma and Papa's.  While at Grandma's house, our car was parked out front and got egged.  While Nick and I were upset at first, it gave us a good excuse to drive through the haunted car wash off of Walnut.  It actually was quite scary, but the kids LOVED it. They asked if we could go through it every day.  They were very dissapointed when they learned it only happens on Halloween night.

After Grandma and Grandpa's we went to our last Trick or Treat stop at the Chase's.  Nick put on a gorilla mask and had me drop him off a little bit from the house.  He rang the doorbell, and when Angie answered he jumped at her with the mask on.  I wish I could have seen it, but Nick said he got quite the reaction out of her.  I'm sure she wasn't too impressed.  ;) 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Don't Cry over Spilled Rice...

...Especially when your helper is this cute.  :)

Dinner with the Missionaries

At the beginning of October, we had the missionaries for dinner. This was the first time we were able to actually have them in our home to eat (our schedules are so crazy that we usually just wind up dropping off taco bell on our assigned night). It was a lot of fun! To me, I feel like it is giving back to the missionaries, because I am eternally grateful for the difference they made in my life. To them, I'm sure, it's just dinner. This night we had taco salad (which was AWESOME, if I must say), and brownies for dessert. Since Halloween was around the corner, I let Brody decorate the brownies while I cooked the meat for the salads. I was obviously not supervising him very well...the missionaries were good sports though, and ate their brownies with no complaints. :) Thanks Brody for the very colorful brownies!

I love these moments...

Have I mentioned yet that this kid owns me??  He seriously melts my heart!

2 Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree

Grandma and Papa have an AWESOME climbing tree in the front yard.  The kids recently found that they could climb the tree and hang out on the lower limb.  These pictures were taken on a Friday night, before we went out to dinner as a family.  Unfortunately, the next night, a tornado ripped through Rogers, tearing down the climbing limbs.  Grandma and Papa were distraught about the tree that fell through their roof...but the kids were most upset about the demise of their climbing tree.  I'm grateful nobody was hurt.

Joy School

Peyton is doing Joyschool again this year and LOVES it!  She has a great group of friends attending school with her.  Here they are playing on our awesome play structure, given to us by the Chase's this summer.


All Tuckered Out

Peyton and her friends

Peyton has a lot of friends.  She loves friends.  She loves playdates.  Wait...that's an understatement...the girl LIVES for playdates.  Every morning when she wakes up, in her sleepy little voice she asks "Where can I go today?" or "Who can come play today?"  She has such a fun imagination, and it thrills me to watch her playing with her friends.  On this particular day, she had Sydney and Mae S. and London V. over to play.  The girls played dress up!  How cute are they?

cute little Mae!

All 4 girls (London is in the background)

Sweet Sydney

Blast from the Past...anther one bites the dust...

Brody lost another tooth in September!  Both of his bottom teeth are gone (and at the time I write this post, his two bottom adult teeth have already come in).