Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birthday Week

I have the greatest husband in the world. He not only celebrates the day I was born, but he celebrates the WEEK I was born. That's right...I get back massages, no laundry or dishes, and no poopy diaper duty for a WHOLE week!

This year he was extra sweet to me, and he swept me away to Branson for the night. We went to a polynesian show (since we didn't get to see one in Hawaii this was quite the treat). The next morning (on my birthday), I got up early, did some shopping at the outlet malls, then we went to Silver Dollar City for the day.

After 6 hours at the park, I began to really miss my kids, so we headed back and picked them up from Grandma's house, where I had a cake waiting for me. This was the best birthday ever!

*Sorry there are no pictures, but Nick packed my bags for me and forgot my camera!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Job!

Well, I guess I didn't get to ride on the unemployed train too long...

I accepted a position today with Northwest Health Systems (the hospital system where I delivered Peyton) in Springdale. They are opening a brand new psychiatric unit, and I will be the Social Worker on the psych floor and on the rehabilitation floor. The job offers great pay, great benefits, and flexibility. I will be able to be home early in the afternoons, and off on weekends with the kids. Nick is working his schedule so he can stay home 2-3 days while I am at work, and then my sister in law is going to come and stay with the kids the other 2 days. We are very excited for new adventures!

The position also offers a good opportunity for advancement. Since the unit is brand new, they are planning on expanding within about a year, and that expansion will create a supervisory position, as well as a "team lead" social work position. As the only social worker in the hospital, I am hoping to have my foot in the door for those positions as they come available.

My duties will be to do assessments with patients upon admittance, assist with discharge planning, patient relationships, working with families of patients, as well as work with a team of doctors and nurses to create the best level of care for the patients possible. I'm very excited!