Monday, October 22, 2012

Sickie Sicks part II

Yesterday and today have been missable. I haven't seem that much throw up in a LONG time...nor, do I wish to see that much as long as I live. It started with Beckett, then moved to Peyton, then to me, then to Brody. Peyton, Brody, and I got sick all night and didn't sleep much because of it. So glad to be feeling better. My sweet friend left Gatorade, seven up, ginger ale, and chicken noodle soup on my door step this afternoon. We all needed some electrolytes. Thanks, Angie! Now, praying that Nick stays safe from it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Emergency Room and Blueberry Picking

In June, Beckett got a respiratory infection, and had a hard time breathing in the middle of the night.  I wound up taking him into the ER at around 4:30AM.  He was given a breathing treatment and steroids, and antibiotics.  I just love these pictures...they show that no matter how bad the sweet little boy feels, he still has a smile on his face.

Later that morning, I took the big kids blueberry picking with Tashya and April.  Somehow, I did not get any pictures of the kids on my phone, but did manage to get a picture of the good sized blueberry bucket we picked.

First Day on the Lake

These pictures were taken on our first day on the lake this summer.  Brody loves to fish at the lake, and he and Peyton play on the big mat.  They love to have "noodle wars".  Beckett loves to lay on his blanket on the pontoon, and get rocked to sleep!

Blast from the Past...Cuddle Time with Sissy

These pictures were taken last June at Nana's house.  I can't remember exactly what was wrong with Beckett's eye.  I think that, maybe, he just had a yucky eye infection, that cleared up pretty quickly.  I love that he is wearing Brody's Build a Bear's boots!

Build a Bear

When Grammy came last May, she took the kids to Build a Bear Workshop, and let them make their own bears.  Brody chose an Army/Star Wars Bear, who he named "Brave".  Peyton, chose a purple Hello Kitty, who she named "Emily".  They both love their stuffed animals!

Gifts from Hawaii

Grandma June and Grandpa Shaw sent the kids some great gifts from Hawaii!  Here they are showing them off!

More Sleeping Babies

I just love my sleeping baby pictures!  Even the ones where they wake up and soak their diaper through their shirts!

Date Night!

Peyton and I went on a date night last spring.  First, we went to Panera Bread for Sandwiches, and cookies!  Then we went for Second Dessert at Cold Stone.  Afterwords, we met up with Jenni Hall, and Brynlee at Target and did some shopping.  The boys were on the Father/Son Campout, so, it was just us girls for a night.  Love this girl!

Blast from the Past...Kindergarten Graduation

Brody's Kindergarten Graduation was on my birthday last year. What a wonderful present!! I just loved watching him proudly walk across the stage, and receive his certificate. We were blessed with the most amazing Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Meyers. I am so thankful to have met her, and have her bless our lives.

Blast from the Past...Mother's Day Tea

Brody's Kindergarten class put on a Mother's Day Tea for all the mom's.  We had juice and treats, and the kids sang sweet little songs, and gave us gifts.  We got a flower pot, a book about mom's, and pictures.  It was so fun to go to Brody's class, and have him serve me goodies, and show off how much he loves me.  I just love this kid!