Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lotus Photography

Beth Chapel, owner/ operator of Lotus Photography is AMAZING! Need I say more? This is just a PORTION of the pictures that I received!

Beth Chapel, owner/operator of Lotus Photography is amazing. Need I say more?

Brody Robert Petersen

What a little man! Brody has grown up so much this year, it is amazing. His vocabulary is out of this world, and the expressions he uses are priceless. For example, he will come up to me and say "Mom! This is incredible! You should see this!" Or, my new favorite "hmmm...this is very interesting."

Brody's stats:

  • 3 1/2 years old
  • 35 pounds
  • A little over 3 feet tall
  • LOVES sports and is amazing at every sport he plays
  • Has a ton of friends, right now his BFF is Parker Hall. He tells me that Parker is "fun, funky" and most recently, "like my brother." I love watching the 2 of them play together.
  • He can add and subtract using his fingers
  • Is beginning to recognize all his letters and numbers
  • Can trace like a pro
  • Likes to play with his sister
  • His favorite game is air hockey
  • Favorite TV show is Rory the Racing Car
  • Favorite song is "Rolling on the River of Love" by George Straight
  • He is a SUNBEAM! (the first level of Sunday school age groups in our church, after nursery). He loves being a Sunbeam and is always willing to give the answers or help the teachers during Primary.
  • His memory is like an elephant. He remembers details of events from when he was 18 months+. (Example, he saw a Flying Burrito restaurant the other day and recalled seeing an ad for flying burrito on the big screen at the baseball game last summer when he was 2).
  • He is a mommy's boy and a daddy's boy. It just depends on his mood.
I could go on and on and on, but I'll stop for now. I'll include so much more about his personality in posts to come.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Peyton Petersen

What a cutie pie we have on our hands! Here are her stat's currently:

  • 19 months old
  • Walks, runs and jumps on commands
  • LOVES baby dolls and anything that has to do with taking care of her "babies"
  • Loves her "bubby" (Brody)
  • Says about 8 words (No, Bubby, Mommy, Daddy, Uppppp, Down, Hi, baby, and a few others)
  • Is teeny tiny! Girlfriend still isn't on the growth chart but she is getting there! She weighs 18 pounds, 14 ounces and is 29 inches tall. She is going to be a gymnast.
  • Is a wonderful sleeper (when we can get her down)
  • She is starting to enjoy TV and movies
  • She is the best cuddle bug ever.
  • She shimmies her whole body when she says "No"
  • She LOVES to be naked!

      Tuesday, January 19, 2010

      Mommy Petersen

      Where to begin??

      Between being a mommy full time, helping Nick with his business, and starting a new part time job, I have been super busy as well!

      Let me start with the most important things right now. I LOVE being with my babies! We have so much fun together! Brody is a little sponge and is learning so quickly. He says some of the cutest things (which also goes along with my resolution...I want to blog his cute little Brody-ism's at night). Peyton is beginning to talk, and is so cute with her expressions. I am enjoying doing "school" with Brody. We do activities from a pre-school work book, and also do fun learning games online.

      I have also begun a new adventure working as a Part Time Hospice Social Worker. I work 4 days a week, 4 hours a day and I am loving it! I couldn't ask for a better organization to work for!! The job can be emotionally trying, as you can imagine, but I am so grateful to be able to make a positive impact on someone during the last days of their life. Whether it be with their families, or just going and sitting with them and talking to them, I feel such a sense of happiness knowing that I might be able to help them during this crucial time. My boss put it as we as social workers, are helping to write the last pages, of the last chapter in their book. It truly is amazing. I never thought I'd have a job that I LOVE to go to. It is especially nice that we are going to be able to work Nick's schedule around mine so that he can be home with the kids during the hours that I am away.

      I have a new love as well. Hairbow making. I haven't done much since I have started working, but once my training is finished and my schedules settles down, I plan on whipping out tons of bows for my newly-bow-lovin' girl. She actually ASKS for them now! So fun!!
      That's about it for me! :)

      Brody got a Snuggie for Christmas (I couldn't resist adding this pic in)

      2 of the hairbows that I made!

      Daddy Petersen

      Nick has been super busy lately. His carpet cleaning business is flourishing. He has recently gotten back into water restoration and is learning so many wonderful things in the process. He has learned how to be a handy man, how to manage a family, 24 hour water restoration needs, and his business...all on his own, might I add.

      I'm so proud of Nick and how he has stuck with this company and built it from the ground up. Every young couple goes through their (as my step-dad called it) "macarroni and cheese days." We have definitely had our mac-n-cheese years, but what a peace of mind to have now to know that Nick has built up a company that can support our family. No more sleepless nights, and we are both so excited about the future!

      Not only is he expanding the company with water restoration, he is also expanding into tile and grout color sealing. This is going to be an AMAZING add on to the company! In fact, I am going to have "snow white" grout in my kids' bathroom tomorrow night! :)
      I love you, Nick and am grateful for all that you are!

      It's a Sad, Sad, Day.

      My computer crashed when we came home from Washington for Christmas break. Unfortunately, I had NONE of my pictures backed up over the past 6 months or so. I am praying that I put all the good ones on my facebook so I can save them to my hard drive and upload them on here so I can share them with everyone. The whole hard drive crashing thing has been heavy on my mind, but I keep pushing it aside, hoping that one day, I'll turn my computer on and magically have all of my treasures back. My pictures, my videos, Nick's advertising. Lesson learned, however. BACK UP YOUR FILES PEOPLE!!

      My New Year's Resolution (which I'm already miserably failing at), is to spend 15 minutes a night blogging about my kiddos and our life. This is the Petersen Family History center, in a sense, and I need to be more proactive about keeping up with it. I'm going to begin by blogging about what is new with each member of our family. So, here goes nothing! :)