Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Zoo

We have also gone to the Point Defiance Zoo on our trip. Brody loved seeing the monkeys, the "elphenants", the "walsuses" (walruses), and the whales! He also enjoyed a ice cream cone (a little too much). Mmmmm...Ice cream!
Mom and I
Steve, Brody, and the Elephants
Pey-Pey and I
Cool! Water!
Brody admiring the walrus
The walrus "kissing" Brody
Little cub
Mom and I again

Brody playing in the sand
Pretty girl Papa sliding

Brody and Papa
El Tigre
Brody and Baby Sea Otters
Monkeys! My favorite!

My little spider man

My little spider man

Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Washington!

We just got back today from Erik's house. We spent 2 nights there, and were able to visit with Reagann and see her brand new, 3 week old baby, Kingston. What a doll! We were also able to see Jessica and her boys (pictures to come...when Jess E-mails them to me).

The next few days will be spent relaxing around the house and probably doing some shopping. Gotta love Ross!!!

Brody fell today on the concrete step and has a very large goose egg on his head (again, pictures to come). He is a tough little man though, and picked himself up and brushed himself off.

Here are some more pictures from Washington! Sorry there are so many, I have to update my husband on the cuteness of his kids while we are gone!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In Washington!

Brody, Peyton, my Nana, and I decided to make a last minute trip to Washington before I go back to work in September. We wanted to come so that my brother and step-dad could meet Peyton, as well as see family and friends before I am tied down to work again. The trip was much needed, and we have been having a lot of fun. We got Brody together with his cousin, Evelyn (Evie), and they had a blast together! They played bubbles and baseball together, and both worked on their ability to share (they both need to work on this still).

We have had bbq's with Steve's kids, and with my brothers and their significant others. I had a girls night with my best friends from elementary school on, and will be spending the next 2 nights in Olympia, at my brother's house.

Today, we went to Western Containers, where my oldest brother works. He took us on a tour of the factory where they make the bottles for Coke products. It was so interesting to see the recycled plastic grains, and watch them go from tiny pebbles, to pre-formed bottles, to actual bottles, and then onto flats where they are tied down, and saran wrapped, ready to be filled. We had to wear safety goggles, hair nets and earplugs throughout the factory.

Poor Nick has been left at home, to begin school, and clean carpets! I'm so grateful for him and all of the sacrifces he makes for our little family!

Nana and Steph (Erik's fiancee)

Cute Evie!

Evie and her baby and sippy cup

Beautiful Peyton!
Matt and Peyton (I have this same picture of him and Brody when Brody was Peyton's age)
Evie wanted Brody's sippy cup all day
The kids LOVED the bubbles!
Pretty Girl!
Singing songs!
I love this picture of Brody playing in the puddles
Uncle Ryan and Peyton
Nana and Peyton