Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby Update

So, we went to the doctor today and got everything checked out. He did the colposcopy to look at the cells that showed up abnormal on my last exam. He said that they are low grade dysplasia, but he did not see any cancer today. He is going to do another exam 6-8 weeks after the baby is born, and if it comes up abnormal then he will do a biopsy and go from there. We are very relieved though, that the cells were low grade, and not a serious problem at this time.

As far as Miss Peyton is concerned, her heart rate was good (in the 150's) and steady, he is happy with her growth, as well as my weight gain, and her movement is good. He went over the ultrasound with us, though, and there were some problems that he saw in her kidneys. He said that her kidneys are swollen, which could cause problems passing fluid through her kidneys to her bladder when the time comes. This is something that he says generally turns out okay, but he is going to keep a close eye on our little angel. We are having another ultrasound on March 25th, to see if the swelling has gone down any. If it continues to be a problem throughout my pregnancy, there is a procedure they can do in utero, to remove fluids from the kidneys. Otherwise they will just wait until she is born, and do another ultrasound, and if she needs surgery, she will have it when she is about 1 month old.

As stressful as today has been, I am thinking very positive and not going to worry. Peyton is a daughter of our Heavenly Father, and I know that He will take good care of her, and me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Brody loves his bear! We got him this bear at Build A Bear for his 1st birthday and it says "Happy Birthday Brody! This is mommy...and daddy, and we love you! Happy Birthday Baby!"


For Family Home Evening last night, we decided to make homemade baking dough to imprint Brody's hand on, and give them to our family. Unfortunately, I used BREAD flour, and it made the final projects rise so much that you couldn't tell where his little handprint was. It was a lot of fun though and a HUGE mess! We are definitely going to do it again sometime though.

Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

He is my little popcorn man! He saw me putting vegetables in the microwave, and he thought I was cooking popcorn. It was all over from there!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Brody playing baseball

I took this video yesterday when I got home from a family therapy appointment. Nick and Brody were in the front yard playing baseball.

Baseball time!

I came home tonight to find Brody and Nick out front playing baseball. Here are some pictures from their adventure. I can't believe how well coordinated Brody is at such a young age. He takes after his uncle Ryan in his love for baseball (or in his words: ba-ball). This is actually his golf swing
Batter Up!
After playing crackers

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I've been tagged!

Here it is Mary! :o)

7 Random Things about Yours Truly

1.) I didn't eat beef for 9 years. I quit eating it when I was 14, and when I was 23 (AFTER I had already had Brody, I decided that I remembered loving Whoppers with cheese, and gave in. Now, I LOVE hamburgers, and should probably lay off of them every once in a while.

2.) I started out my college career as a journalism major. I wanted to work in print journalism, preferably a magazine, but got pulled over to social work while I was a work-study student for the School of Social Work.

3.) I was born in Germany, and moved to Washington state when I was 6. I lived there until a month after my 18th birthday.

4.) My mom and I have the same birthday.

5.) I was on the diving team in high school for 3 years. I had to quit my Junior year though, due to torn ligaments in my ankles. I had to wear ankle braces for quite some time.

6.) I am a very unorganized person, but am doing my best to get organized (and stay that way) before June 18th!

7.) I hate cob webs. I know that is kind of boring, but it is one of my ultimate pet peeves. Unfortunately, we have high ceilings in our house, and a very short ladder, so I am stuck with cobwebs until we invest in a higher ladder.

Ketchup...a food group???

Well, it is to my son! We made hamburgers, salad, and french fries tonight. Although Brody didn't touch his hamburger, he ate plenty of his FAVORITE food group "keck-tup". He also ate his salad (which he dipped in "keck-tup"), and most of his french fries. "mmmm...I could eat this with my fingers!"
Checking out the "keck-tup" before he eats it
"Oh boy! That was good!"
Silly daddy!A more serious picture

Daddy-Son time

Nick and Brody are quite the pair. I can always catch them laughing and being silly together. I have never seen a daddy love his son the way that Nick loves Brody. He is the most patient father, yet disciplined. He knows just how to teach Brody to do things the way that he should, without breaking his spirit. I see kids with broken spirits every day, and am thankful to know that I never have to worry about that with my children. Here are a few pictures from tonight's "silly fest" that occured just about an hour ago, while I was blogging. My silly boys
Kisses and hugs every day!
The fan! The fan! Brody loves showing us fans wherever we go!

The peanut butter caper!

This morning, I decided that I wanted toast with peanut butter and bananas. Brody had already eaten his cereal so I didn't make him any. While I was eating my first slice, Brody came over and pointed at my toast and said "Nanana's!" I said, "yes, mommy is eating toast with Bananas on it!" He then proceeded to pick each slice of banana off of my toast, and then took my toast and smooshed it into his face. He licked all of the peanut butter off, then set it on the table. Needless to say, I only got one piece of toast this morning!

Our little man!

Brody looks like such a little man in his new suit from Aunt Emily and Uncle Ben! He wouldn't leave the shoes on for the picture, but imagine him in this suit, with black dress shoes! He looks so sharp!

Snow Days!

Here are some pictures from our snow day a couple of weeks ago. (Can you tell that I haven't blogged in a while?) Brody LOVED the snow! We only stayed outside for a little while because he had been sick, but he had a blast. When it was time to come in, we heard a lot of screaming. Daddy decided to throw snow balls at us, which Brody thought was absolutely hilarious!

My poor babies!

The flu went around my house for over a week. First, I had it and was absolutely miserable for 3 days! Then, Brody got it at the tail end of mine. Finally, Nick was last. Unfortunately though, when Nick got it, Brody wound up catching it again. Brody and I slept on the couch together for a couple of nights, while Nick rested in the bedroom. Here are some pictures of my poor, pitifull, sick boys.

Starting to feel better!

When Brody was sick the other day, I knew when he was feeling a little bit better because he got off of the couch and climbed into his jeep. He sat in there for quite sometime and watched TV. He quickly hurried back to the couch, however, when he started feeling nauseous again. It was nice to see him doing something he enjoyed though.


Brody's new favorite activity is flushing the toilet! He thinks it is so fun! Anytime he goes into the bathroom, he flushes the toilet, then closes the lid. It is amazing the things that kids find amuzing (and the things I find amuzing enough to put on the blog!)

Attack of the water cup!

Brody has learned (as you can tell from alphabet soup), how to get water from the refrigerator. The other night, he was pouring water into a cup, and then dumping it in the sink. In the meantime, he wound up COVERED in water! We got this on video, but I have yet to figure out how to upload videos on here, without my computer freezing.

Alphabet Soup Part II

The alphabet soup did not just stay in the kitchen. These pictures are from when Brody decided to cook for Daddy in the office. I love how you can see the water marks he put on the walls! At least he had fun!

Listen to some tunes!

The other day, Brody got a hold of my iPod, and decided that he was going to relax on the floor and "listen to some tunes." Here he is trying to figure out the head phones.

Come on Mom! I'm on the toilet!

Need I say more?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Alphabet Soup anyone?

Brody decided that he wants to be a chef when he grows up. He has figured out how to get water out of the fridge, so the other night, he pulled a pot out of the cabinet, got his sippy cup lid off, filled it up with water, and dumped it in the pot. Then, he pulled his letter magnets off of the fridge, and put them in the pot. It was so cute, that I had to get him a spoon to stir his dinner with!

Filling his cup up with water (unfortunately, it was a SLOTTED spoon!)

Stir! Stir! Stir!
"See, Mom! I can get it myself!"

"This spoon sure does make it easier though!"

The clean up towel

Emily's lap is so comfortable!

These pictures are so sweet! The other day, Brody and I went to visit Auntie Emily, and before we left, Brody asked for her to hold him. She was rocking with him in the chair, and he was scooting out of her lap, when all of a sudden, he fell asleep! He loves his Auntie Emily!