Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some notes about the last 6 months.

I was thinking today of all that has happened over the last 6 months...there is a lot. I will try to sum it up as well as I can.

  • Beckett was born...perfect as can be. 8 pounds, 2 ounces, 21 inches long. Blonde hair, and blue eyes. He was everything we hoped for. Nick and I were overcome with happiness with the newest addition to our family.
  • When Beck was 2 months old, I got sick. VERY sick. We passed illness around our house for about a month. I didn't go to church for a very long time. It got to the point that I actually asked for meals for our family, and I hate asking for help. I just didn't have the energy to cook. We had meals brought in for nearly 2 weeks. I will forever be grateful to all that helped us during that time.
  • At 3 months, we noticed Beckett's eyes moving, and took him to the doctor. He was diagnosed with nystagmus, and referred to Little Rock for further testing. We recently had these tests done, and Beckett was diagnosed with Ocular Albinism and Fovea Hypoplasia. We learned that he has poor vision. While this is heartbreaking news, we are committed to do whatever we need to for our little boy.
  • Brody graduated Kindergarten! Cannot believe my little guy is almost 6 years old and about to be in First grade! Where have the last 6 years gone?
  • Peyton completed her first year of Joy School! She LOVED doing the Joy School program with her friends, and we are looking forward to participating again next year.
  • Nick's business exploded. Literally. He has been working sun up to sun down doing carpet cleaning. I'm not complaining, but I sure do miss his handsome face!
  • I went back to work between 10-20 hours a week at Hospice. I still love my job, but also love being home with my kids as much as possible. I feel I have found a good balance.
  • We went to the Kansas City Temple open house with the kids. It was a fun weekend of Cheesecake Factory, a hotel water park, the Temple, and fun at the mall. It was an unforgettable weekend!
  • I attended the Temple one day with Angie. We had a blast! The 3.5 hour drive (one way) always seems to fly by with a good friend by my side. We always have some great conversations, and a lot of fun.
  • Mom and Steve came for Christmas and got to see Beckett for the first time at 1 month old. Mom came again in May, when Beckett was 6 months old.
  • Peyton started gymnastics. She is super good! We are thinking about taking most of the summer off though, because we are so busy this summer.
  • Brody played soccer for the NWA Lightning league. He was on the Gators team. He is such a great soccer player! I love watching him play, and improve with each season.

I'm sure a ton more happened over the last 6 months, but those are the things that come to mind right now.