Sunday, April 26, 2009

Talking to Jesus

After church today, I asked Brody what he learned about. You told me this:

"Jesus is a good man. He is not a bad man. Tashya tell me Jesus is good man, so he is good. We don't fight Jesus."

I proceeded to tell you about what a wonderful man Jesus is. How he gave his life for us, and has sacrificed everything for us, so that we can live with him and Heavenly Father again someday. I also told you that we can talk to Jesus through our prayers. This is how you responded (looking up at the window):

"Hey Jesus! I eating my popcorn! Yes, Jesus, I at home, eating popcorn now. Okay, Jesus! BYE!"

Then, you looked at me and told me "Next time, Jesus come to our house tomorrow. He asked me 'whats going on?' so I tell him I at home eating popcorn."

I love your love and desire to talk to Jesus. You regularly say prayers, and ask to pray for those you think need a prayer. You have such a sweet spirit.



Saturday, April 25, 2009

Standing Up!


You began standing up on your own on Thursday, April 23, 2009. First, you stood up on our bed, while playing with daddy. The next time you did it was in the yard, while you were buck naked, playing in the water with your brother and his friend. Dad pointed to you while you were standing up and it took me a minute to process the fact that you were standing unassisted. What a big girl you are getting to be!



Fussy Wussy

Tonight, Brody was being very silly. You were being so demanding to mom and dad, yelling "I WANT TO WATCH TOOT AND PUDDLE!" Even though you were being a stinker, I couldn't help but laugh at you. I told you "Just a second, fussy wussy!" To which you replied: "I'm not fussy wussy, I BIRDIE!"

I love the way you say your name. You try so hard to pronounce it correctly, but it always comes out with an I before the R, or with no O at all (Brrr-dee).


Dear Brody and Peyton,

Daddy and I are setting this blog up, to record the everyday cute things that you say and do. The purpose of this blog is to capture your sweetness, funniness, and innocence forever, through a hardbound book that I will make for each of you, every year.

So, let's get started!

We love you guys so very much,

Mom and Dad

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Down came the fence...

We have blackberry bushes, a huge tree, and other shrubbery between the back of our privacy fence and the church's chain link fence. Over time, with the growth of the greenery, and many storms, the back fence has all but fallen down. We have finally taken the fence down, and are working on clearing out the bushes (trimming up the blackberry bushes, because I can't stand the thought of not having fresh blackberries in my backyard).

Brody thought it would be a big help to daddy if he got his sunglasses and his drill out to help Daddy! What a cutie!

*We are reserving some of the wood for my father in law and my friend, Rose, but there is PLENTY more. So...if anyone is in need of wood, please come and TAKE IT AWAY!!!! :o)

Coloring Easter Eggs

We colored Easter Eggs this year with Brody. It was messy, and didn't last nearly as long as I remembered from being a kid, but we had a blast!

The Easter Bunny Came...again, and again, and again

Can you believe it?! The Easter Bunny went to Nana's house, Emily's house, AND my house? Wow! My kids are really loved by the Easter Bunny! They sure must have been good this year!

Easter Bunny Trip #1: Nana's house (Nana made a special delivery of the baskets to our house)

Easter Bunny Trip #2: Emily and Ben's house (they also made a special delivery for good ole' EB)

Easter Bunny Trip #3: Our House, Easter morning

Wooo Pig Sooie

Last night, while in Fayetteville, I decided to take the family on a driven tour of my alma matter. Nick insisted we stop at the "most important" part of the campus. The stadium. I thought these pictures of Brody and Nick at the stadium were so cute. Brody kept calling the hogs and talking about the football game. 2 Future Razorbacks
In awe
Go Hogs Go!

I LOVE this picture!

Bentley's Birthday Party

We had so much fun at Bentley's birthday party this weekend. Thanks so much for inviting us, Bentley and April! Brody was the first to fish
and still fishin...

WOAH! Look at that WHOPPER he caught!
Swinging with the birthday girl!
Brody pulling the string on the pinata.

Filling up his bag with candy

Brody's song

Brody told Peyton the other day that they needed to sing me a song...this is how it went (without Peyton's help, of course):

Wash your hands
and wash your hands
and wash your hands
and wash your hands
and go to time out
and wash your hands
and wash your hands
and go to naughty chair
and wash your hands
and wash your hands
and wash your hands
and wash your hands
and wash your hands
and brush your teeth
and wash your hands
and go to time out BRODY
and wash your hands

Am I really that bossy????

Fun Breakfast!

The other day, Brody was being obstinant about eating his breakfast. So, I decided to get creative...
Worked like magic!!!!

Friends Over!!!

Last Tuesday, poor Mary (the one mentioned in the previous post) was sick with the stomach flu. Blah! I was so sad that Mary was sick, but so excited that we would get her girls to come over and play all day! Brody and Peyton had such a blast! This was also the day I was able to complete my dining room cleaning, AND most of my kitchen! Those little girls sure were a big help at keeping my kids busy and having fun!

Brody, Peyton, Allison, Michelle, and Izzy spent the day playing in the play room, jumping on Brody's bed (and off of the top of it onto the mattress giggling), eating snacks, drinking juice...and, er...lemon juice. (Mary is going to kill me for this one!) While I was cleaning out the fridge, Brody saw the lemon juice and asked for some and I said he could try it but that it was very sour. He took one sip and said YUCK! Allison on the other hand, asked for some, and was in love. While the other kids drank water and caprisuns, she chose the lemon juice. Maybe that's why she is so darn spunky and cute?!

Izzy watching "Fox and the Hound" in the play room
Cutie pie Michelle
Brody and Izzy and the play room (surprisingly enough it was cleaned spotless the next morning)
Allison and her one true love
Allison and the juice again
This was about an hour after the other lemon pictures
We would love to have the girls over again...soon! As long as their mother lets them after realizing I fed her 3 year old lemon juice (at least it wasn't a full bottle!)

Spring Cleaning!

I have headed off strong following my good friend Mary's Spring Cleaning challenge found at I love the details she gives to each area, that I wouldn't have thought to do myself. So far, we (I say "we" because Brody, Peyton, and Nick have been chipping in, each in their own special way) have tackled the kid's bathroom, Brody's room, my linen closet, the dining room, and kitchen. I am one room behind, which is my closet. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow??? :o) Nick said he didn't realize that the shelves in our fridge were actually clear!
My fridge mess while cleaning it out.
My kid's bathroom mess. Peyton loved helping me "sort" through the junk!
Brody and I scrubbing the doors and wall on the linen closet

Remember how I said Peyton helped in her own special way???
She just wanted to make sure that mommy didn't neglect her daily chores! :o) Vacuuming is important too!!!