Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Lives

I am so thankful today for the knowledge that I have that my Savior lives. I know that He was crucified, after He had atoned for the sins of the world. He suffered, He bled, and He died. Three days later, He had risen, and lives today. I am thankful for the sacrifices that He made for me personally. This year I have had plenty of opportunity to seek the blessings that He has made available to me through the atonement, and I cannot begin to describe the peace it has brought to my heart through all the many trials we have faced this year. So, today, I rejoice that He lives.

*Don't you love my cute little sign? It says "He Lives, my kind, wise, Heavenly friend." They made these at church the other day, and I was having a not so good day, so my sweet friend made mine for me.

Baby #3...

...will be here on or around December 3rd, 2011!! We are so beyond excited about this new addition to our family! We found out about 5 weeks ago, and I wanted to wait to share the news until I knew for sure things were going well. After 2 good ultrasounds and a fantastic heartbeat, I couldn't contain myself any longer!

The kids are really excited. Peyton sings songs about the baby in my tummy all the time, and Brody says "I can't believe you are having a baby!" It is going to be strange having Peyton go from our littlest to our middlest, but I know she will be a good big sister. I already know how Brody will do because he is an EXCELLENT big brother to Peyton!

Like my first two pregnancies, I have been really sick with this one. In fact, I think I have actually been sicker with this one. I'm grateful for the sickness though, because I know it means that the baby is healthy and growing at a good rate. However, I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to not getting sick every few hours anymore.

Our "Gummy Bear" at 7 weeks

Brody and Peyton update...

Brody is...

  • Almost 5!!!! He is going to be starting Kindergarten in August. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that.

  • He is in the CTR 4 Class at church, and LOVES primary. He always comes home from church excited about the things he learned.

  • He is very loving towards his sister, although she hurts his feelings almost daily.

  • Along with the above post, he is very, very sensitive. He has the softest little heart.

  • He is learning to read, and can recognize all the letters of the alphabet and knows what sound they make. He is also getting better at writing his letters.

  • He plays Soccer for the Sounders.

  • He is also in Mixed Martial Arts (we are very busy!)

  • He has gotten GREAT at riding his bike! We are going to try without training wheels when the weather gets a little nicer.

  • He just got his very own dog from a co worker of mine. The dog is a beagle mix and his name is ALSO Brody and he is ALSO 4! It gets a little confusing around here, but the kids are insistent on not changing his name.

  • Some of his cute phrases right now are "What in the cornbread heck?", "Snubbed by the sister!", and he loves telling knock knock jokes!

Peyton is...

  • Almost 3!!! Holy smokes! I can't believe my baby is not a baby anymore!

  • She loves dresses and skirts, and anything fashionable.

  • She loves dolls and playing "mommy."

  • She is left handed, just like her mom, uncle Ryan, and Grandpa Shaw!

  • She is kind of mean to her brother...sometimes putting him into tears with statements such as "no me love you, Blody!" and "No me want to play with you!"

  • Her favorite song is "I love to see the Temple."

  • She is in dance class on Monday nights and does tap and ballet. She LOVES dance class!

  • Some of her cute phrases are "nothingbody" (instead of nobody), "No way hose-way!", and "What chu talk?" (what did you say?).

Easter Morning

We had 2 VERY excited kiddos this morning! In fact, Brody woke up at 6:30 AM and we told him he had to wait to see if the Easter Bunny had come until Peyton woke up. By 8:00, he was shaking her and kissing her and telling her it was Easter. They searched high and low for their baskets, and were becoming to a little discouraged, until they went in the play room and Peyton's room and found their loot! (notice the paper glued to the walls in my playroom? That is the work of Brody and his little friends...we need to get sandpaper and hire a painter!)

Peyton with her jelly bean in her mouth! This little girl has a sweet tooth like her mommy!!!

Brody was so excited about his loot! They are a tad bit spoiled!