Thursday, August 22, 2013

Camry Turns 1!

Our sweet little friend, Camry, turned one in early November (it is really early right now, and I can't remember her exact birthday...but I want to say it was the 4th of November).  We had lots of fun at her party!  We just love the Lowden family...all 50 million of them!

Playing Catch Up...last Halloween

I found these pictures on my hard drive, and wasn't sure if I had blogged them yet or not.  These were from last Halloween.  Brody went as Mario, Peyton was Little Red Riding Hood, and Beckett was Dumbo.  They were so cute! We had a blast trick or treating with our friends from the ward, going to Brody's school party, and going around to our family's houses to trick or treat.

I have big plans for the kid's outfits this year...we will see if I can get them together in time.  :)